Valentine’s Day is less than a month away! We will be sharing Valentine’s Day themed freebies for the next few weeks to help you incorporate the holiday in a fun and Biblical way. Here is a freebie you can use with your preschoolers as a fun activity to remind them of God’s love.

Simple print the match game on card stock or heavy weight paper and cut the individual pictures out in squares. You can make a copy for each kid or make one copy and have the kids take turns playing the game together.

Play the game like you would normally play a matching game. Turn all the cards over with the blank white side facing up. Allow the kids to turn over any two cards attempting to find a match. If they find a match, allow them to keep the cards, if not, put the cards back in the place they found them. Keep playing until all the matches have been found.

Remember to talk about how much God loves them and what Jesus did for them while you play the game. Look up John 3:16 and read it aloud for the kids.

Valentine’s Day Match Game Printable