Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. It’s a great time to do a special craft with the little ones. Here is a fun and easy craft that your kids are sure to love!

Simply print out the “heart man’s” heart body, arms, and legs on card stock or heavyweight paper. We recommend cutting the pieces out ahead of time to make it easier to do this craft quickly with younger kids. Allow the kids to color the heart body. Next, allow the kids to choose two arms and two legs to attach to their “heart man”. We recommend using glue dots or adhesive dots to adhere the arms and legs to the heart body instead of glue to make this craft faster and easier to send home with the kids. Leaders will need to help the kids attach the arms and legs of their chose to their heart body. Write the kids’ names on the back of their craft when you are finished.

Download the printable template below or use the editable Canva template to make this craft your own.

VDay Heart Man Craft Printable

Editable Canva Template