I love seeing new resources become available that help kids and families grow closer to God. When I first heard about this new devotional book for kids, I absolutely loved the theme! I just wish I had thought of it first. This is the second devotional book for kids from author, Vanessa Myers. Make sure you check out her first one, Breakfast with Jesus: 100 Devotions for Kids About the Life of Jesus  Vanessa also has an incredible website to help equip families for living out their faith at home. She provides faith and Bible resources that are simple and fun for children and their parents.

The Bible Food Truck: Serving Up 75 Devotions for Kids About Food in the Bible includes 75 short and fun devotions for kids about food in the Bible. Kids love to eat and they love fun food. This is a great way to connect something practical from kids’ every day lives with God’s Word. When we make a connection like this for kids, we help them connect with God through His Word. That’s definitely an ultimate goal for our kids!

Things I love about this book:

1. The cover and artwork is engaging and fun.
Kids will want to read this book when they see the cover. The artwork and fonts inside the book are fun and kid-friendly without being cheesy. Younger kids and older kids would be attracted to this book.

2. It’s laid out chronologically.
I love that the devotions start at the beginning of the Bible with Genesis and go through the Bible in order. This would make it easy to use this devotional along with your kids’ regular bible reading time. You can easily pair a devotion with a Bible reading plan to supplement your older kids’ devotional time.

3. The devotions are short enough to engage all ages.
Each devotion is about a page and a half long so it’s short enough to keep younger kids’ attention, but the content is written in a way that would still engage older kids.

4. Each devotion includes a “Daily Special”, a “Faith-To-Go”, and a short prayer.
The “Daily Special” is a daily verse for the kids to read and focus on that day. You could even encourage older kids to memorize these verses each day. The “Faith-To-Go” is found at the end of each devotion. It is a short practical way for kids to get out and apply the devotion in their lives that day or week.

If you have kids of your own who you want to see engaged in God’s Word and loving their devo time grab this book. You can grab your own copy here. If you are a ministry leader who would like to purchase this book in bulk for the kids and families in your ministry, here is the link to the bulk order form to receive each book for only $10 each.

I’m giving away 1 copy of this book for free. Giveaway opens on Tuesday, April 26 and ends on Tuesday, May 3. All you have to do to enter is react and leave a comment on the giveaway post (on Tuesday, April 26) on the KMC Ministries Facebook page. You can receive bonus entries by sharing the post with your friends on Facebook and following kidmincorinne on Instagram.