Today, I am sharing a book written by Vanessa Myers called Rise Up. I tend to share a lot of books that are about kid’s ministry or family ministry, but this book is written towards women in leadership. Vanessa contacted me about participating in her blog tour for the book and I almost said no because it wasn’t my typical book to review, but I’m glad I said yes. Rise Up is all about learning to choose faith in God over our fears. She addresses a different fear in each chapter. I felt God nudging me and speaking to me through every chapter, including the introduction. If you have ever faced fear in your life or ministry, this book is for you!

What I loved about this book:

  • Relatable Bible Characters
    Each chapter included a story from the Bible about someone God used in leadership who faced the fear addressed in that chapter. It is so good to be reminded that God used people who had the same fears I have to do amazing things for Him.
  • Personal Stories
    Vanessa shares her own personal stories of fears, failures, and how she found freedom through it all. It takes humility and courage to share personal stories and feelings with others. I know God used her life stories to speak to my own experiences and remind me that I’m not alone.
  • Powerful Verses
    Each chapter was packed full of powerful reminders directly from God’s Word. Nothing is more powerful!
  • Great Daily/Weekly Devotional
    Because each chapter is so Biblically-based, this book would make a great devotional for any woman in leadership. It would make a great group Bible study book because each chapter is full of relatable fears that most women have had at some point in their journey.
  • Practical Steps to Finding Freedom
    At the end of each chapter, you will find practical steps to finding freedom from the fear addressed. She ends each chapter with an empowering prayer to declare over your fears.

Favorite Quotes:

  • “Anything we are doing more of than listening to the Lord is a distraction and not a good habit.”
  • “And when I am able to feel His presence in the peaceful times, I am able to remember His presence in the anxious times.”
  • “When we continue to think about and talk about the hurt someone else caused us, all we are doing is giving permission to the devil to keep hardening our hearts.”
  • “But now I can look back and see God’s blessings in every single place He called me.”
  • “But, in order to live a life sold out for God we must give up everything.”
  • “We all know we need to love God and we do that, but the difference comes when we move from needing to love God to wanting to love God.”
  • “Success comes when I follow the Lord.”
  • “I will fail, Jesus never fails, and my anchor must be deep.”
  • “If God calls us to something and we say no or we give up and quit in the middle of it, God’s divine purpose will still be accomplished on this earth with or without us.”
  • “There is nothing we will face that God cannot overcome.”


  • Post Scripture around your house.
    Vanessa recommends posting Scripture verses to declare over your fears all over your house. I love this idea of having reminders all over my house of God’s promises.
  • Always look for God’s blessings.
    We all are blessed by God and have many things to be thankful for. She talks about creating a gratitude journal and documenting the things God has done for you in every season. When we remind ourselves of all the good God is doing in our lives our fears begin to fade away.
  • Memorize God’s Word to fight fears.
    I have always known this is a good idea, but recently I keep feeling God telling me to commit more of His Word to memory. I want to be prepared at all times to fight my fears with the best weapon available to me.
  • Keep your focus on God.
    When our fears begin to overwhelm us and seem to take over our lives, it’s because we have taken our focus off what is important. If we remember to focus on God and allow him to be in control, he will handle our fears for us.

You can pick up your own copy of Rise Up here. Also, make sure you check out Vanessa’s blog at

I’m giving away a copy of Rise Up to one amazing woman! If you would like to win, comment on this post with a fear you would like to overcome. The giveaway will be announced on Monday, October 1. I’ll go first! I have always struggled with a fear of criticism because I feel like it means I have failed. Chapter 5 was convicting and challenging for me.