I was thrilled to be chosen as a contributor to a brand new book in the Kidmin Nation Library: Irresistible: How to Engage Kids and Point them to Jesus.  A huge thanks to Tina Houser for working so hard to edit and put together this incredible tool for kidmin leaders. Each of the 22 chapters is written on different topics by kidmin leaders from all walks of life and experience levels. Engaging kids is one of the most important things we must do as leaders. If the kids aren’t engaged and interested in what we are teaching them we are wasting our breath. This book is filled with helpful tips and tools to help you engage kids in all areas of ministry. I had the privilege of writing Chapter 19: No Monologues Allowed! Engaging Kids from the Stage. I have done training on this topic with my own leaders as well as leaders from all over the country.

Favorite Chapters:

  • Chapter 3 – A Game of Darts: Engaging Kids According to How They are Wired by Brittany Nelson
  • Chapter 4 – Apologetics for Kids: The What, Why, and How: Engaging Children to Defend Their Faith by Amber Pike
  • Chapter 8 – Don’t Worry, I Saw This on Macgyver: Engaging Kids with Object Lessons and Props by Aaron LaBarge
  • Chapter 10 – Small But Mighty: Engaging Kids with the Practice of Prayer by Joy Feemster
  • Chapter 12 – Alfred G. Squirrel: Engaging Kids in Scripture Memorization by Ellen Haley
  • Chapter 14 – Tracks, Yogurt, and Accountability: Engaging Kids in Daily Devotions by Stephanie Chase
  • Chapter 16 – Move Mountains: Engaging Kids in Leadership by Lisa Davis
  • Chapter 19 – No Monologues Allowed! Engaging Kids from the Stage by Corinne Noble


1. Learn how your kids are wired. (Chapter 3) Kids are wired to learn differently from other kids and their learning abilities change as they become older. I love how Brittany Nelson provides charts to help you practically apply this in your ministry to kids.

2. Teach kids to defend their faith. (Chapter 4) Kids don’t just need to be taught Bible stories. They need to know the what, why and how. They need to be able to defend what they believe in when they are challenged by their friends and what they are learning in school. We need to equip our kids with the answers and a safe environment for them to question why we believe what we do.

3. Be like Jesus, use object lessons. (Chapter 8) Jesus used object lessons and everyday items in his teaching while he was on earth. Parables are essentially object lessons. Jesus knew that if he used items and concepts that the people were familiar with in his teachings that it would stick. I like to use object lessons in my messages every week to drive home the point of the message or Bible story.

4. Teach kids to be prayer warriors now. (Chapter 10) Kids need to learn that they can pray and be hear by God. They also need to understand that there are many ways to pray. Prayer doesn’t need to be boring, but we must teach kids how to make it fun.

5. Engage kids on and off the stage for best results. (Chapter 19) It is important to be prepared, high-energy, and make eye contact with the kids on the stage. However, kids will not care about what you are trying to teach them on the stage if you have made no effort to engage them off the stage. Learn the kids names, interests, and pray with them off stage, and the kids will be more likely to listen to you when you are on the stage.

If you are a children’s ministry leader, you need to pick up this book and read it this year. You can grab your own copy here.

I’m giving away 2 copies for free to two amazing kidmin leaders. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post with a reason you believe this book would help you out in your ministry. You can receive bonus entries by liking KidMinCorinne on Facebook and following kidmincorinne on Instagram.

Update: The winners are Chase Saale and Mike Arnold. Message me with your addresses and I will get your copies to you this week.

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