I was excited to be chosen as a contributor to another awesome new book in the Kidmin Nation Library: Inspired: Unlocking Your Creativity. A huge thanks to Tina Houser for working so hard to edit and put together this incredible tool for kidmin leaders. This is the third book in a line of books Tina Houser has been working on to help kidmin leaders in all different aspects of their ministries. The first two books would be a great addition to your kidmin leadership library as well: Home Grown: How to Equip Parents for Spiritual Leadership and Irresistible: How to Engage Kids and Point them to Jesus. I was a contributor to the second book as well and you can check out my review on it here.

Each of the 25 chapters of this book is written on different topics by kidmin leaders from all walks of life and experience levels. Creativity is a huge part of what we do in kid’s ministry. You may think you aren’t creative, but I can guarantee you are! If you have ever found a way to stretch a non-existent budget or discovered a new way to use pool noodles, you are definitely creative. This is one of my favorite topics to talk about (and I may even be cooking up something of my own on this topic soon). I had the privilege of writing Chapter 8: Themes, Lists, and Coffee. 

Favorite Chapters:

Chapter 1: What’s Going On In Your Brain? Networks, Daydreaming, Hydration, and Taking Out the Trash by Tina Houser

Chapter 3: Bake the Perfect Dessert: Explore the Creative Process by Lucinda Gibson

Chapter 6: Mimic Airplane Mode: Kill Procrastination by Using Your Brain by Josh Denhart

Chapter 8: Themes, Lists, and Coffee: The Evolution of a Project by Corinne Noble

Chapter 10: Knock, Knock: Invite God into your Creative Process by Ellen Haley

Chapter 18: It’s An Egg: What to do with a Creative Idea by Stephanie Chase

Chapter 22: It It’s Available, Use It! Technology in Kidmin by Jack Henry


1. Learn how your brain is wired. (Chapter 1) I loved getting to know my brain and why it does what it does. Learning about your brain helps you understand what it needs and what it doesn’t.

2. The creative process is like baking a cake. (Chapter 3) I loved this baking analogy because baking is one of my favorite hobbies. It will definitely stick with me.

3. Sometimes you have to turn everything off. (Chapter 6) I totally agree with Josh on this one. I am definitely the most productive on a plane when I can’t check on my social media or receive any texts or calls. Sometimes we need to mimic the airplane environment to get the most of our creativity.

4. Creativity and lists can go together. (Chapter 8) I have heard people say that creative people are disorganized and messy. This may be true of me at times, but lists and creativity can coexist and make each other better.

5. It doesn’t matter how creative you are without God. (Chapter 10) I don’t care who you are or how creative you are, you need to invite God into your creative process. I always try to remember to pray and ask God to lead me and guide me when I begin a project. I don’t want to think for even a moment that I am creating something out of my own strength.

If you are a children’s ministry leader, you need to pick up this book and read it this year. This book is for both creatives and those who just don’t know they are creatives yet! You can grab your own copy here.

I’m giving away 2 copies for free to two amazing kidmin leaders. All you have to do to enter is comment on this post with the most creative thing you have ever done in your ministry. You can receive bonus entries by liking KidMinCorinne on Facebook and following kidmincorinne on Instagram.

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