Anne Marie has done it again! I have loved both of her previous books: Walk This Way and What God is Doing. Each of her books is filled with practical and Biblical object lessons. If you are interested, check out my reviews for Walk This Way and What God is Doing. I’m excited to be a part of launching her third book: Helping Your Children Become Prayer WarriorsI was surprised to see that it is completely different from her first two books. This book is all about helping parents learn how to help their children pray. It is just as practical, Biblical, and easy to use as her other books, but with a whole new purpose.

Here is a brief description of the book, “Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors includes step-by-step instruction for parents and teachers to help children pray about different topics. The last half of the book introduces scripture cards that can be cut out and used to help challenge your child to pray prayer warrior verses from God’s word. If you like practical instruction that is easy to understand, grabs the attention of you and your children and leaves a lasting impression, then you will love this book.”

What I loved about the book:

  1. Teaches parents how to pray and how to teach their kids to pray.
    It is hard to find resources that make it this easy for parents to help their kids learn how to pray more effectively. It puts the responsibility on the parents to help their kids but does the hard work of explaining how they can do it. I believe this will be a huge win for parents in helping their kids grow spiritually and in their relationship with God.
  2. Scripture cards
    There are over 40 pages of Scripture cards in the back of the book specifically designed to be pulled out and placed anywhere you want. They are Scriptures you can memorize and pray any time. Your kids can hang them on the wall by their beds, on a bulletin board, by their mirror, or anywhere they will see them often and be reminded to pray those Scriptures. I love the emphasis on praying God’s Word.
  3. Bonus armor of God lesson
    Since this book is about being “Prayer Warriors” Anne Marie includes a link to a free lesson you can use to teach your children about putting on the full armor of God. Who doesn’t love even more resources for free?
  4. Chapters are short
    We all know that the attention span of children is not long at all, even as an adult I don’t have a super long attention span. That’s why I love the way this book is broken up into super short, practical and easy to digest chapters on different subject about teaching kids how to pray. You can easily ready a chapter in about five minutes, and that is short enough for almost any age to be able to focus on.
  5. The “Prepare to Pray!” section
    At the end of each chapter there is a “Prepare to Pray” section that is basically a way to put what you learned in that chapter into practice. It’s an easy and doable way to incorporate prayer into you and your child’s every day lives.

My favorite chapters:

  • Chapter 2: How to teach your kids to turn Scripture into prayers
  • Chapter 6: Teach kids to pray at any time
  • Chapter 9: When God says “Not now” to our prayers
  • Chapter 16: Teaching kids that prayer changes circumstances
  • Chapter 17: Teaching kids to pray prayers of thanksgiving
  • Chapter 22: Teaching kids to pray when reading the Bible

Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors is a great book for any Children’s Pastor, Sunday school teacher, or parent who wants to teach their kids about the importance of prayer and how to go beyond surface prayer requests. I truly believe kids don’t have to wait until they are “grown up” to become prayer warriors and leaders. To receive weekly Bible lessons, book updates, and Children’s Ministry helps, register directly at

Make sure you pick up your copy during launch week! The book is currently 25% off on Amazon for launch week only and the price goes up on June 5th. You can pick up a copy of Helping Your Children Become Prayer Warriors here.