4th of July is almost here! This is a great holiday to encourage families to have fun making memories together. That’s what the Fun on the 4th Family Challenge is all about. We have included a social media image to promote the family challenge and the activity sheet to give to each of the families. You can choose to send the activity sheets out via email or print them out to send home with the families the Sunday before the holiday. Encourage families to take the family challenge to check off all the activities on the sheet by the end of the day on the 4th of July. Have the families post pics of their family doing the challenges together and tag your church’s social media pages. You can do this challenge just for fun or even offer some giveaways to families who participate. Whatever you choose to do, the families will have fun making memories together. Feel free to use the social media post and activity sheet we created as is or use the editable Canva templates to make them your own.

Fun on the 4th Family Challenge Instagram Post

Fun on the 4th Family Challenge Activity Sheet

Editable Canva Link (Instagram Post)

Editable Canva Link (Activity Sheet)