I had been planning to write this post since the beginning of the year, but somehow I always got distracted or delayed. More than likely, God was delaying this post because He knew when it would be the right time for me to share it, and I know that now is the right time to share what God has put on my heart. The word God gave me for this year is Forward, and I loved the sound of it! It’s a great word, am I right? Then, it seemed like life came to a screeching halt in March. Where was the movement and change I expected this year from a word like forward?! I had to remind myself almost daily to trust God and trust in the word He had given me for the year.


It was hard at times, but I knew God had something in the works, He always does. Sometimes, to move forward we have to go backwards first. Due to the COVID-19, my husband’s job furloughed him multiple times which put us in a relatively unstable financial situation. At the time, it was scary, but God was using it to move him forward into something better for our family and ministry. Sean began to look for another job and was hired on with a new company that allowed him the ability to work from home. It was such a blessing in disguise!

We also knew that God was orchestrating something new for both of us to prepare us for the new chapter of ministry He was calling us to do, and that brings us to what God has been stirring in my heart for a while now. A couple weeks ago, we announced to Desert Springs Church that we would be stepping down from our position as the Kid’s Pastors. We have been full-time Kid’s Pastors for the last 8 years and have loved every minute of it, but we know that what God has for our ministry in this next season requires us to step out of a full-time pastoral position.

I’m not even sure how long it has been, but as I look back, I think God had been preparing me for this next step for years. It all began as a simple blog website called kidmincorinne.com, where I blogged and shared my kidmin ideas for several years. Then, about 5 years ago God called me to start writing curriculum. That grew into KMC Curriculum, a company that produces elementary/preteen curriculum. KMC Curriculum is finishing up its 3rd year’s scope and sequence and heading into a 4th year in November. I’m so beyond amazed that God has turned me into a writer! I look forward to continuing to grow and improve KMC Curriculum.

We believe that God is calling us and our ministry, KMC Ministries, to be about even more than just curriculum. In the past, I have spoken at conferences, we have done special kid’s services/events for churches, and done some environment redesigns. That side of our ministry has always had to be put on the back burner most of the time because we couldn’t leave our own church to do ministry that would cause us to miss a weekend service. We believe that God is moving us into this new season to allow us to expand this part of our ministry. With Sean’s new job and us stepping out of full-time church ministry positions, we are now available to travel any time, anywhere to support other kid’s ministries by offering kid’s services/events, consulting, training, and environment redesigns. If you are interested in checking out the services we offer or would like to start a conversation with us you can visit this link for environment redesigns and this link for services/training. We are beyond thankful and excited for all the new opportunities God is opening up and we can’t wait to see what’s next!

Thanks for reading our life/ministry update! We appreciate your prayers for KMC Ministries and our little family as we embark on this new ministry journey together. What is your word for the year and how have you seen God move in your life through it this year?