Father’s Day is less than 2 weeks away! We are sharing one more Father’s Day freebie this week. Here’s a fun and easy craft that toddlers/preschoolers can tackle at home or at church. Bonus! We have included three different options: best dad, best grandpa, and you’re the man. We know that not all kids have the “best dad ever” in their lives and we don’t want them to feel excluded on this special day. Feel free to offer all three options or choose the ones you feel like will work best for your kids.

Simply print the option(s) of your choice on card stock or heavyweight paper. Have washable paint available in multiple colors for the kids to choose their favorite color. Pour the paint out on a paper plate. Have the kids coat their hands in paint and place both hands in the center of the paper. Younger kids will need help with this. Allow to dry. That’s it!

Best Dad Ever Printable

Best Grandpa Ever Printable

Your’e the Man Printable