Mother’s Day has come and gone again! Now, it’s time to start thinking about Father’s Day! If you are looking for a craft to do with your preschool or elementary-aged kids, this is it! This is an easy craft that kids of all ages will enjoy making. Bonus points: it doesn’t have to be made for “dad”. If you have kids who don’t have a dad in their lives, they can create this craft for any special man in their lives (grandpa, uncle, step-dad, etc.)

Simply print the printable below on card stock or heavyweight paper. You can cut the ties out ahead of time for younger kids or allow older kids to cut them out themselves. Allow kids to decorate their tie any way they like with crayons, markers, and/or stickers. Use a single-hole punch to punch two holes where the small white circles are at the top of each tie. Have different colors of ribbon available for the kids to choose their favorite color/design. Leaders can help the kids string the ribbon through the holes and tie it in knot/bow. Make sure the ribbon is long enough for a grown man to slip it over their head. Encourage “dads” to wear the ties their kid(s) created for them!

Father’s Day DIY Tie