Mother’s Day is nearly here! We know that many of you are looking for a unique and easy option for a Mother’s Day craft. Here you go! This craft will be best suited for preschoolers. These Mom Coupons are easy for preschoolers to color, paint-free, and moms are sure to smile when they receive them. The best part is that kids can give them to anyone who is a “mom” figure in their lives because the coupons are not specific to only moms.

Simply print a sheet of “Mom Coupons” for each kid, have the kids color their coupons, and have a leader cut them out. If desired, have the coupons pre-cut to make the craft even easier. Optional: use a single-hole punch to punch a hole in each coupon and put each mom’s set of coupons on a binder ring to make it even more special.

Mom Coupons (Preschool)