Color-Your-Own Mom Coupons for Preschoolers


Mother's Day is nearly here! We know that many of you are looking for a unique and easy option for a Mother's Day craft. Here you go! This craft will be best suited for preschoolers. These Mom Coupons are easy for preschoolers to color, paint-free, and moms are sure to smile when they receive them. The best part is that kids can give them to anyone who is a "mom" figure in their lives because the coupons are not specific to only moms. Simply print a sheet of "Mom Coupons" for each kid, have the kids color their coupons, and have [...]

Color-Your-Own Mom Coupons for Preschoolers2023-04-24T20:50:35-07:00

Easter Follow-up Coloring Cards 2nd Edition


We know you have been working hard to create an incredible Easter weekend for the kids and families in your ministry, but what are you doing to bring those families back? Do you have a follow-up plan for the kids and families who come to your Easter services/events? This freebie can help! We created the 1st edition of follow-up coloring cards last year and they were a huge hit! Lots of leaders snatched this freebie up and used it last year so we decided to make a new design for this year. Print and send out these fun Easter follow-up cards [...]

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Easter Story Snack Mix


This is a fun and easy way to help kids of all ages learn what God's Word says about what Jesus did for us. This freebie is included in the Colors of Easter curriculum in one of the Colorful Stations included in the curriculum. Allow kids to put together their own snack mix using five tasty and easy to find foods that represent different parts of the Easter story. Use this fun snacktivity at home or at church. Print the instruction sheet and printable and gather the ingredients for your snack mix. Younger kids will enjoy putting their snack mix together [...]

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Scratch the Splat Screen Game


Kids love screen-based games! Use this fun game during Easter or any time. The graphics for this game go along with our Colors of Easter series, but this game can be used with or without the series. Simply download the game slides and load them in the presenting software of your choice to play. How to Play "Scratch the Splat": Choose one kid to play in each round. Allow them to choose which color paint splat they want to "scratch". Show the slide for the color paint splat the kid chose to reveal what they get. Options include: Easter trivia questions, [...]

Scratch the Splat Screen Game2023-03-20T16:34:20-07:00

ABC of Easter Coloring Sheets


Preschoolers love the ABC's and coloring. Help them better understand the Easter story through this 3-pack of printable coloring sheets. Each coloring sheet features a different letter and a small part of the Easter story. These coloring sheets will go great with our Colors of Easter series or they can be used on their own. Use these printables at home or at church for a fun way to tell the Easter story to little ones. Simply download the printables below, print them out, and start coloring with your littles. ABC Easter Coloring Sheets

ABC of Easter Coloring Sheets2023-03-15T15:31:02-07:00
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