D6 2018 Conference Takeaways/Quotes


This is my third year having the privilege of attending the D6 Conference and being on the Social Media Team. I love, love, love this conference! Why? I always leave this conference inspired and challenged to make positive changes in my home and my ministry. That's what D6 is all about: the church + the home. This year was definitely the best one yet! I could probably go on for many blog posts about all the takeaways and favorite quotes from the incredible variety of speakers I have heard from over the last couple of days. Here are a few of [...]

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The #1 Reason to Attend CMConnect Conference


I just got back from another amazing week at the CMConnect Conference. This is my third year in a row being a part of this unique kid's ministry conference. Last year I wrote about my top 3 reasons to attend CMConnect Conference. Why do I keep going back year after year? It's not because it is the biggest conference. It's not because they put on the best "show" in their main sessions. It's not because it is held in the best vacation spot. The #1 reason I attend the CMConnect Conference every year is because of the people. Now, I don't mean [...]

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Favorite Quotes and Takeaways from #D62017


The last few days have been full of listening, learning, and laughing at the D6 Conference. Now, it's time to pack up our bags and go home. We may be leaving the conference (for this year), but we should not leave the lessons we've learned behind. I wish I could share with each and every one of you all that I have experienced and taken in during the conference, but that is not humanly possible. Instead, I'm excited to share with you some of my favorite quotes and takeaways from the inspiring leaders who have spoken into our lives this week. [...]

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General Session Highlights – #D62017 Day 2


Thursday at the D6 Conference was all about the general sessions. We had the privilege of hearing from many influential voices in ministry over the course of four general sessions. Can you say ministry idea overload? It has been an amazing, idea-filled day to say the least. I wanted to share with you some of my favorite moments and teachings from today. I was challenged, convicted, and encouraged by the speakers today, and I hope you will be too. Teaching Like Jesus - 10 Principles from the Master Teacher Dr. La Verne Tolbert | @drltolbert Principle 1 - Jesus taught based on [...]

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When Family Ministry Doesn’t Work – #D62017 Breakout Notes


Christina Embree is wife to Pastor Luke, mom to three great kids, and an experienced family minister. She is passionate about seeing churches partner with families to encourage faith formation at home and equipping parents to disciple their kids in the faith. I have been to several of Christina's breakouts at past conferences, and I always love hearing her heart for bringing discipleship into the home. I always leave even more challenged to partner with the families in my ministry. You can check out my notes from my favorite breakout of hers here. "When Family Ministry Doesn't Work" Notes: "So you [...]

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