Back to school season is upon us! Many kids and parents are nervous about going into a new school season. It always means big changes for everyone: new routines, new friends, and new challenges. We created this back to school family devo with all of that in mind. It’s one single page and simple enough for parents to use at home. Encourage families to use it on one of the days leading up to school starting. The devo includes: a Scripture passage to read, a short devo, three discussion questions, and a simple game to play together.

Simply print the devos out and hand them out to the families in your ministry or attach the pdf file to one of your parent emails for parents to download and use at home. We have also included an option that is editable and fully customizable in Canva if you would like to make it your own.

An awesome kidmin leader, Jazz Cazares, translated the devo into Spanish, so we have made that option available in the links below as well.

Back To School Family Devo

Editable Canva Template

Spanish Option