It’s the beginning of the year! You probably have lots of events to plan, services to put together, and volunteers who need training. Instead of just putting the year on repeat, take some time to brainstorm some new ideas. Here are 6 brainstorming strategies to help you get started any time you need some fresh ideas.

6 Brainstorming Strategies

  1. Find a quiet/inspirational place.
    Maybe you don’t need total silence, but a quiet workspace can help you clear your head and focus. If you can’t find a quiet place, may we recommend noise-cancelling headphones? If you find yourself uninspired, find a place that is inspirational to you, your creative place. It could be somewhere in nature, a coffee shop, or even just a different room in your house. Changing up your location can sometimes make all the difference.
  2. Get a brainstorming buddy.
    If you work better with others, find a brainstorming buddy. Bounce ideas off each other and be honest. They might have an idea you never thought of before, or be able to make your ideas even better. A great brainstorming buddy is someone who knows you well and has similar interests.
  3. Check out what other people do.
    Don’t be a copycat, but you may not need to reinvent the wheel either. Do some quick internet searches, check Pinterest, and take a look at what other leaders are doing. Don’t be afraid to reach out to other leaders online or in the area and ask them what they have done.
  4. Do your research.
    Read books on the subject, listen to podcasts, and gather as much information on what you are brainstorming before you begin. You will save yourself a lot of trouble and mistakes by knowing more information from other sources.
  5. Pray on it.
    Before you begin the brainstorming process, always commit it to prayer. This keeps the focus on God’s plan and reminds you of who deserves the credit for your ideas.
  6. Write it out.
    You might love lists or hate them, but the best way to brainstorm is always to write it out. You can “write it out” on your computer or use a good old-fashioned pen and notepad. There’s just something about writing words on paper that really works.